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Aleister through the Looking GlassA good book is a treasure, something to keep and enjoy and reread.  It is a pleasure not only to read but to look at:  a visual vacation.  As an author who has struggled to write such a book, you want the finished product to be a work of art, so you know you must choose your editor and printer carefully.
Turning a manuscript into a work of art requires a lot of loving time and effort.  The first step is a good editor, one who not only finds typographical  and spelling errors, but makes suggestions to improve the plot or characters and ensures, for instance, that the names of the characters remain consistent throughout the book — and that the plot itself is consistent.The Ace

Formatting and Layout

The dimensions of the book must be considered:  too large and it is unwieldy to hold; too small and it becomes thick and cumbersome.  The interior layout must be clean and neat, with the proper headings.  The size and readability of the font must be considered.  Margins must be adjusted to the thickness of the book so the text doesn’t get lost in the spine.  The cover must be eye-catching without being glitzy.

Don’t Forget the Ebooks

An ebook must also be carefully crafted.  Illustrations must appear where they are supposed to appear; chapter headings must be set apart.  In short, the ebook must be as visually enjoyable as the printed version.

Defining MiraclesStarwatch Creations strives for perfection.  Yes, it’s possible to upload a Word document to an online printer and make a cover with their cover-creator.  But for the discerning author, that’s just not enough.  For the author who envisions a book that will be treasured for many years to come, only the best will do.  And such perfection requires time and care.

Take a few moments to browse the website and discover what a well-planned book can look like.

You could be the next best-selling author!


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